Freshness and flavor on the table

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Mediterranean colors and flavors for a fantastic summer: fresh and seasonal products and the Balsamic Vinegar of Casa Lovato, ideal for styling your creation.

Let’s imagine the simplicity of a fresh caprese, the famous tricolor dish, with the best mozzarella, tomatoes and basil … or a fish starter with salmon, scampi and tuna, accompanied by a delicious parsley and lemon and if you want to be bit ‘more sophisticated, try a tuna steak sautéed with herbs and spices.

A fresh cake or sweet and sour strawberries, remembering to add to our balsamic drops and carefully controlled to counteract or emphasize the flavor of each dish, it will make a guaranteed success!

Contact us to book a visit to Balsameria: Tel. +39 0445 490791 or by e-mail: info@balsameriacasalovato.it


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